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Incase you havent already heard The Amazing Spider Man has a trailer. Let me know your thoughts on this film, is it just the original with Andrew Garfield instead of that Toby guy? Do we need it? Is there a bigger debate about originality in Hollywood, with the constant franchises and re-boots?

I was never a fan of the Raimi Spider Man films and didn’t much like Toby Maguire as Peter Parker. This film looks promising and Garfield looks like he will fit the part well. Time will tell.

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Aardman return with the some what awkwradly named ‘The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists’ or if your not in the UK ‘The Pirates! Band of Misfits’, which is no better as a name itself. After a six year hiatus from our screens, to be honest that’s probably the time they have spent animating it, this film promises all the Aardman humour, style and innuendos we have come to expect.

Reverting back to stop motion after a dabble in computer animation with Flushed Away, which actually looked like stop motion, Aardman jump on the Pirate bandwagon. All the pirate iconography we are familiar with form the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is present and should offer up a swashbuckling array of entrainment.

I’m happy to see Aardman back doing what they do best, this film looks like fun, I can’t wait to see it.

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New Trailer Leak!

So it seems the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has been leaked. If you must you can view below. I have watched it, but would have much preferred someone to have sketched some ace storyboards of it, that would have been far cooler!

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I woke up this morning partook in my usual routine. Granola, yoghurt and grapefruit juice. I sat down and there was Ken Loach on the BBC breakfast couch. Naturally my ears pricked and I came too a little quicker than normal (I’m not an early riser!), but what better than to stimulate morning thought than the state of the British Film Industry.

Prior to a report expected later this week the bright spark in charge of the country, our dear Mr Cameron made the following statement, “the film industry should support commercially successful pictures.” Great. Thats cool we’ll just pop over to the UK Film Council and get some funding. Oops, little bit of an issue there. What’s a little ironic is that Lord Smiths report is expected to look into ways to better support the UK film industry, financially being one of them. With a £4 billion contribution to the UK economy and an incalculable contribution to our culture, perhaps the government men have realised theres a worth while cause here.

However the catch is that the government are likely to propose that the way forward is to back mainstream films as the primary avenue of profit generation. Fair enough it’s credible that big budget films are likely to return big profits. The issue here though is that funding will be syphoned away from smaller scale independent films. Shame. With proper support these types of film can be just as successful and with smaller budget come greater profit margins, the small scale high impact film could be just a lucrative and probably more interesting.

So back to Mr Loach his point being, “What you need to do is fund a lot of different, varied projects and then you’ll get a really vibrant industry.” A healthy industry being more important than a commercial bottom line industry. So yes a big budget, international film shooting in the UK is a great thing for economy and workforce. Despite this the oversight is that there are loads of great British Films made every year yet only a fraction of them find them selves competing in cinemas. If anybody really wants to address the issue of the British Film industry exhibition and distribution, there in lies the answer.

Anyone remember the last time the conservatives had a good idea about the film industry? Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that The Iron Lady is on general release as Mr Cameron trots around Pinewood Studios sounding off his ideas.

Give me your thoughts people.

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I’ve recently been on holiday, so sorry for the lack of posts. I have however written an blog entry for the New Empress Magazines website. You can read it here;


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